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Welcome to Meadow Creek Resort & Spa
Tiny House Cabins

Nestled beneath the peaks of the Sawtooth Mountains in Central Idaho, you will experience a one-of-a-kind getaway, when you stay in our unique lodging option now available in Stanley, Idaho. Enjoy a wonderful fusion of a luxury spa hotel, glamping  and a private vacation rental property in one of our Tiny House Cabins. The green-certified, Tiny House Cabins, are one of Idaho’s first innovative resort lodging options. The cabins have a rustic appearance, with a touch of modern design, where we offer you a magnificent lodging accommodation in combination with a luxurious world-class spa experience. Our Spa Getaway package rate includes lodging, glass of wine, and a spa credit towards a massage or facial. Come spend the night in one of our Tiny House Cabins and select from our exclusive list of treatments: relaxing or therapeutic massages, rejuvenating skin care, soothing body wraps, and enjoy a glass of wine from our wine bar while taking in the fantastic, unobstructed views. You will be so enthralled with your stay, that you may want to purchase one of these Tiny Houses for your own enjoyment. Please inquire about the details of owning one of these vacation rental cabins for yourself.

Memorial Day Weekend through last weekend of September

EFFECTIVE NOV 1, 2018 - APRIL 30, 2019

Each Tiny House sleeps up to 4 adults:
1 Bedroom (queen size bed) + 1 queen sized sofa bed,
Fully equipped Kitchen, Private Bathroom, TVs, WIFI, Electric Fireplace and more

Thursday - Sunday only
* If staying both Friday & Saturday nights, your rate will be the Spa Getaway Package both nights,
on Thursday & Sunday nights one night must be the Spa Getaway Package rate.

includes per person per night:
Glass of Wine, Beer, Juice or Soda
and a choice of either a
3/4 hour Massage or 3/4 hour Facial
or use a $55 Spa Credit towards a different treatment of your choice.

May 25 - June 24 & Aug. 20 - Sep 30, 2018
$129 per person
(based on double occupancy)

June 25 - Aug. 19, 2018
$139 per person
(based on double occupancy)

ROOM ONLY (for the Second Night)**
(Thursday & Sunday nights only)

$150 (off season)
$175 (high season)

**Room only rate is for 1-2 guests, add $15 for extra guests up to maximum of 4 per cabin.

Please note: At this time, we only have 1 Cabin available to rent,
therefore we are only able to accommodate a maximum of 4 adult guests at a time.



You do not have to be an over-night guest of Meadow Creek in order to schedule Spa treatments.

Spa Hours
Thursday - Sunday
10 am – 6 p.m.

Other times available by appointment only.
Please call for scheduling and to check availability.


Software: Microsoft OfficeRELAXING SWEDISH MASSAGE
The most common of all massage treatments. This gentle, relaxing massage, incorporates long, soothing strokes to calm your mind and body, while improving circulation and promoting an overall sense of well-being. Perfect for releasing the stresses from your daily life.
3/4 hour....................$ 60
1 hour.......................$ 75      
1 1/2 hour.................$ 95


This healing massage is an intensified version of the Swedish massage, with deep pressure and invigorating strokes allowing the release of muscle tension and soreness. Especially beneficial after a strenuous workout or a demanding day. Sports Massage is beneficial for either pre or post event and includes stretching.    
3/4 hour....................$ 60
1 hour.......................$ 75      
1 1/2 hour.................$ 95

This version of the therapeutic massage, concentrates on specific target areas that need special care, such as: sore neck, aching shoulders or a tight lower back. Emphasis is on relieving soreness and tension in those areas that you want worked. 1/2 hour.....................$ 45 

Software: Microsoft OfficeMANGO HONEY BUTTER MASSAGE
This extremely luxurious treatment consists of gently applying a warm mixture of specially designed spa products consisting of mango and honey butter over the body. After removing the product with warm towels you will be treated to a gentle relaxing massage, resulting in a calm, deep relaxation, while at the same time re-hydrating the skin. It is like getting 3 massages in one. Bill created this treatment exclusively for Meadow Creek Spa.  Advance notice required.    
1 1/2 hour...............$115


A deliciously relaxing massage without the calories! A chocolate lover's dream with an hour and half of pure bliss. Features the exfoliating qualities of honey and shea butter and the antioxidant properties of chocolate leaving your skin silky smooth and smelling yummy. Advance notice required.     
 1 1/2 hour...............$115

Experience a luxurious and relaxing massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth, polished stones are heated and incorporated into the massage using a tropical Coconut, Mango and Pineapple oil. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension. This ancient healing technique uses Mother Nature's elements of fire, water and earth, enabling you to reach a wonderful state of balanced energy. Advance notice required.
1 1/4 hour...............$95

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. This gentle, light touch massage uses blends of pure essential oils to both stimulate and ease your body and mind. You may select the oil for the desired effect you wish to achieve based on one of the following experiences:
Relaxing, Balancing, Invigorating or Euphoric.
1 1/4 hour...............$ 95

A gentle, yet powerful energy and bodywork technique, which relaxes, revitalizes, and balances the body and mind. It releases energy through a delicate manipulation technique, so that natural healing can take place. A wonderfully relaxing experience.
1 1/4 hour...............$ 85

Attention is on providing comfort, relief and enjoyment during this special time in a woman's life. A gentle full body Swedish massage with a focus on lower-back pain, water retention and other prenatal concerns. This massage can be safely performed with our special prenatal massage pillow that permits a facedown position.
Please let us know how many months pregnant you are when booking this treatment.
3/4 hour...............$ 60
1 hour..................$ 75


Relax together, sharing your massage session with your partner side by side on separate tables in our dual treatment room. A wonderful way for couples to support one another in reclaiming their natural capacity for pleasure through loving, receptive touch. Finish with a glass of wine, beer or juice.
1 hour...............$175 per couple Advance notice required.

Learn how to give and receive a tension easing, body relaxing, communication enhancing massage from a professional. This private session is designed for couples seeking to relax and please their loved ones while learning how to give each other a massage. Includes a bottle of massage lotion and instructions. Advance notice required.      
Private 2 hour session...............$175 per couple


Enjoy the massage of your choice in our outdoor Gazebo with spectacular views of the mountains and the sounds of nature surrounding you. Advanced notice required
$15 per person additional added to your massage treatment. Some restrictions apply

Kinesio Taping is totally different than traditional sports taping methods, as it is stretchy and therefore allows for movement while it alleviates pain and promotes lymphatic drainage.
Used by professional and Olympic athletes worldwide. Additional taping priced per application.
$15 ..... per application added to your massage treatment
$25 ..... for a 15 minute taping session without a massage (includes the price of 1 application)

Enjoy your own private steam sauna session while breathing in the aromas of eucalyptus oil. This treatment helps hydrate the skin, increases blood flow, detoxifies the body and leaves the skin glowing. 15 minutes…….$25


The following 3 select treatments are only available from Pamela "Noeau" Day:

Lomilomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art, practiced for hundreds of years using long flowing strokes, giving the sensation of many hands on the body at once. This massage is especially great for reducing stress, increasing circulation, assisting with lymph flow and stimulating the release of toxins from the body. Advance notice required.  Subject to availability  
1 1/2 hour.................$115   


Come, experience a rare and healing Jade stone massage. Warm oiled Jade stones, smoothed by  ocean waves, will envelop and sculpt the body, as an extension of the therapist’s hands along with a therapeutic massage to melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and increase circulation. Advance notice required.  Subject to availability  
1 hour.......................$ 85      

1 1/2 hour.................$ 115

The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, relieve pain, and pull out the toxins, (including emotional toxins) that linger in your body's tissues. Cupping can significantly increase range of motion in body extremities and reduce inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and the feeling of well-being. Cupping was used extensively in the Olympics.  Advance notice required.  Subject to availability  
1 1/4 hour.................$95   



For those with limited time, this shorter version of our Classic European Facial includes: skin analysis, deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial massage to relieve stress and tension and a personalized masque with a moisturizing treatment. A great treatment by itself and it will give you a wonderful taste of what we can do for your skin.
3/4 hour.....................$ 60


  • Each of the following Facial Treatments is designed just for you and your skin type. They all include a skin analysis and the following services:
    • Deep pore cleansing and toning
    • Exfoliation
    • Warm vaporizing mist
    • Extractions
    • Relaxing hands, feet, face, neck and shoulder massage
    • Customized mask
    • Moisturizer with sunscreen
    Specific techniques and products may vary by skin type.

    This is one of the most complete and personalized deep pore cleansing that you will ever experience. This purifying facial is designed to clarify and hydrate any skin type and is very relaxing. This treatment is full of anti-inflammatory plant extracts that will leave your skin feeling rebalanced with a brighter complexion. You will love it! Great for both men & women
    1 hour.....................$ 75


    Our most popular facial for those challenged by age, gravity, hormone fluctuations, environmental damage, and lifestyle stresses. This antioxidant-rich treatment restores clarity, texture, elasticity, and firmness, while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. A nourishing treatment designed to restore your skin to its healthy glow.
    1 1/4 hour...............$85


    This detoxifying treatment will flush out impurities - increase circulation and decongest clogged pores. Ideal for skin that is exposed to elements or is prone to breakouts. You will benefit from the mud which will detoxify the skin and infuse nutrients to balance the skin and leave a look and feel of a brighter and improved skin texture.
    1 1/4 hour ………$85


    Using organic products from Hungary this invigorating facial increases the supply of oxygen to the skin thus stimulating blood circulation while rejuvenating and repairing stressed skin and ridding the body of toxins. The beautiful result is baby smooth skin and it feels great! It is normal to experience a healthy rosy glow after this treatment leaving your complexion revitalized.
    1 1/4 hour...............$85


    Relax, unwind and feel your skin become smooth and super hydrated with a gentle body exfoliation using a combination of blended sea salts and essential oils, to exfoliate and replenish your skin to a healthy glow, leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky. This ocean delight will help prepare your skin for a massage, facial or any other body treatment of your choice.      
    3/4 hour.....................$ 55


    This island organic delight will deeply cleanse the skin, leaving it supple, soft and nourished. Using the healing ingredients that women in the tropics have used for a long time, organic coconut oil is mixed with raw sugar creating an unsurpassed tropical treat. This treatment consists of a full body polish, buffing away aging skin cells and stimulating circulation. You will then be treated to a luxurious wrap, featuring tropical fruit enzymes infusing your skin with ultra healing coconut, vitamin-rich mango and refining pineapple enzymes to address dryness and sun damage. This delicious mixture will leave your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and looking absolutely radiant with a youthful "just been on a vacation" glow!
    1 1/2 hour.....................$115


    This relaxing treatment is based on the ancient art of healing with herbs. Chinese herbs and oils are gently massaged onto the body. Once your body has been lightly scrubbed, you are wrapped in warm thermal blankets. You will love the way you feel when you emerge from this session that is designed to re-texturize and smooth your skin while reducing stress.
    1 1/4 hour.....................$85


    Indulge yourself in pure bliss, as you experience the rejuvenating effects of this unique exfoliation spa treatment. First, you will receive a light body brushing, followed by a warm mixture of exfoliating papaya enzymes, which are applied to your body and then you are nestled in a solar blanket. This is truly a restorative treatment for your body and mind.
    1 1/4 hour.....................$85



    Walk-ins are welcome on a space available basis.
    Please allow ample advance notice to ensure your preferred treatments and times. Some treatments require additional setup time. In order to guarantee the availability of your preferred time and service, we suggest making your appointment in advance.

    Arrival Time:
    For your enhanced comfort and relaxation please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow yourself ample time to check in and familiarize yourself with the Spa. To ensure that the right treatment is given, be prepared to answer some general questions regarding your personal skin care concerns, and medical conditions.

    Late Arrivals:
    Late arrivals will limit the time of your service, thus lessening it’s effectiveness and your pleasure. Your treatment will end at the scheduled time to accommodate the next guest’s scheduled appointment. The full value of your treatment will apply. We ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This will allow sufficient time for you to relax for a few moments in our quiet relaxation room to transition from the hectic pace of the outside world to the serenity of the spa world.

    If the unfortunate circumstance occurs and a late arrival is unavoidable, please call to notify the spa receptionist when possible. Arriving late will limit the time for your treatment, as we must complete your service by the designated end-time in order to appropriately accommodate the next guest. Arriving late is a breach of spa etiquette and will cheat you of precious minutes of your Spa treatment. Remember, your treatment will end on time so that the next guest is not delayed, regardless of how late you start.

    If you need to change or cancel your appointment, we ask that you notify us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled treatment time in order to avoid being charged for your missed appointments. Any change or cancellation made less than twenty-four hours before the scheduled appointment will result in a charge for the full amount of the services reserved. Credit card information will be taken at the time of booking. Cancellations without 24-hour notice and no show appointments are charged at full value.

    We accept cash, checks, and Visa, Amex and MasterCard credit cards. At the time of booking, a credit card number is required to secure your reservation; payment will not be processed until check out.

    Gift Certificates:
    Gift certificates may be purchased any time and are valid for 1 year from of date of purchase. Gift certificates can be used toward any service, product, or spa package offered in the spa; they are not redeemable for cash.

    Gratuities are never expected, but greatly appreciated. Our spa staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and creating a memorable spa experience. Gratuities are not expected for these efforts, but are graciously accepted for outstanding service. A gratuity can be either given directly to the staff member, or extended at the front desk of the spa facility. Standard practice for excellent service, ranges from a 15-20% gratuity. Gratuities are not included on gift certificates unless otherwise indicated.

    To ensure the safety of children and the enjoyment of all clients, we ask that parents or guardians make other arrangements for children while they are receiving services. No children under the age of 14 are allowed in the spa unless they are receiving services and must be accompanied by an adult during their treatment.

    The Spa environment is one of tranquility and relaxation, so please respect the other guests’ right to privacy and quietness. In consideration of other guests, we ask that all cellular phones and pagers be turned off while at the spa. We are committed to the enjoyment of our guests by maintaining a quiet spa atmosphere and encouraging everyone to use “your spa voice” in the relaxation areas.

    The spa is a non-smoking facility. Smoking permitted only in a designated outdoor area.

    We love animals but in consideration of other guests, thank you for leaving your pets in your car, since we do not allow them on the premises.

    Session Times:
    Spa Hour = 55 minutes treatment time

    All prices and treatment offerings are subject to change without notice.



    We are selling the Tiny Houses that will be placed on our property here at Meadow Creek.

    You can get more information about this exciting project by:
    Clicking Here
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    Our take advantage of "TRY before you BUY" program.
    If you are not sure if the Tiny House is right for you,
    we encourage you to spend the night in one of our Cabins,
    and if you decide you want to buy one from us,
    we will credit your night's stay (up to $195) towards your purchase price.


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